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True North Weddings is a joint team of Texas photographers and videographers who have captured over 500 of the most stunning brides, gorgeous groomsmen, and stunning venues, turning them into breathtaking works of art that will endure as long as the love stories they tell. 





      True Romance   True Love   True North

We are a passionate team of wedding photographers and videographers dedicated to capturing your journey to “I Do” and into the beautiful wilds thereafter.

Formed by the combination of Suzy Taylor Photography and Skydive Wedding Films, True North answers all of the brides, grooms, and family members who have asked us over the years, "Do you do Both photography and videography?" 

Yes we do!

True North Weddings is your premier destination for capturing all of those beautiful Texas wedding memories through exceptional wedding photography and videography. Our unique one-stop-shop service ensures that every moment of your special day is captured with artistic elegance and cinematic flair. Specializing in telling love stories as big as the state, we focus on creating narratives that blend photography's stillness with film's dynamism, ensuring every moment is beautifully preserved.



At True North Weddings, we specialize in photography that captures your wedding, engagement, and bridal memories the way you want them to be remembered. Our photography team has over a decade of experience capturing priceless, intimate moments to ensure your love story is told through stunning, timeless images.

Known for our attention to detail and commitment to creating the best images for you and your loved ones, True North takes pride in the fact that we edit all of our images in-house. Your work will never be outsourced, ensuring your pictures have the love and attention every love story deserves.  

At True North, you're not a client... 

...You're Our inspiration

Our dedication to excellence in wedding photography makes us a top choice for couples across Texas. We understand the importance of each smile, tear, and tender glance and skillfully eternalize these emotions in every photograph. Choosing True North Weddings means entrusting your memories to photographers who honor the magic and romance of each wedding with every shot.


Our passion for capturing beautiful love stories extends beyond the wedding day itself. Opting for an engagement session with True North Weddings means placing your cherished pre-wedding memories in the hands of experts who know how to beautifully convey the excitement and affection of your journey to, ”I Do!”. Our engagement photography not only celebrates your commitment but also documents the personal narrative and enduring bond that precedes your special day.


At True North Weddings, our expertise in capturing the essence of bridal beauty is unmatched, making us a favorite for bridal sessions. We appreciate the profound significance of every intricate detail, from the gown's delicate lace to the bride's radiant glow. When you choose True North Weddings for your bridal session, you're entrusting us to honor the grace and splendor of your bridal journey.